Past Events


Launching of the Memory Map

[Launching of the Memory Map]

On April 13, 2018, in commemoration of the breakout of the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990), ACT launched an online map of memory, which aims to shed the light on locations and events that have become symbolic elements of Lebanon’s traumatic past... read more


Exhibition "... Until We Know their Fate"

[Exhibition "... Until We Know their Fate"]

This exhibition presents some of the stories collected as part of the initiative “Fushat Amal” launched by Act for the Disappeared.


Exhibition "Empty Chairs Waiting Families"

[Exhibition "Empty Chairs Waiting Families"]

On April 13, 2017, ACT and the International Committee of the Red Cross organized the first public exhibition of chairs made by families of missing persons within the framework of their accompaniment project.


Launching of Fushat Amal

[Launching of Fushat Amal]

In 2015, ACT for the Disappeared launched “Fushat’ Amal" (space for hope), an initiative that aims to reclaim the identities of the missing persons and reaffirm the right to know their fates and whereabouts.


Information meetings with relatives of missing and forcibly disappeared persons

[Information meetings with relatives of missing and forcibly disappeared persons]

The aim of the information meetings is to meet with the families of the missing and forcibly disappeared across Lebanon and inform about the possible solutions that exist with regards to their issue, as well as to introduce them to recent work... read more


Launching of documentary "Badna Naaref"

[Launching of documentary "Badna Naaref"]

International Center for Transitional Justice, in coordination with ACT for the Disappeared, CEMAM-USJ and UMAM launched the documentary "Badna Naaref" (We want to know), part of the project entitled "Talking between generations: an oral history... read more