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Fighting Amnesia: Ways to Uncover the Truth about Lebanon's Missing, Iolanda Jaquemet
26-09-2008 read more
Enforced disappearances in Lebanon: a nation's unyielding legacy, Lynn Maalouf
01-07-2009 read more
Human Rights Watch, Are Lebanon's Disappeared Unequal?‎, Nadim Houry
31-03-2010 read more
CLDH logo CLDH - Enforced disappearances and Incommunicado detentions
06-01-2008 read more
Amnesty International Report Cover Amnesty International, Never forgotten: Lebanon's Missing People
14-04-2011 read more
IFPO logo IFPO, Se mobiliser au nom du droit au Liban : la cause des disparus‎
14-11-2012 read more


Neither Dead Nor Alive
31-08-2014 View
Photo of One of the Empty Chair Empty Chairs Waiting Families
13-04-2017 View
ICTJ Right to Truth Interview with Habib Nassar Interview with Habib Nassar from ICTJ
15-03-2012 View
Aljazeera The Rageh Omaar report Lebanon What lies beneath The Rageh Omaar Report - Lebanon: What lies beneath, Aljazeera
21-10-2010 View
The last picture, while crossing... The last picture, while crossing... by Wadad Halwani
01-09-2009 View