Solutions exists

What the families want

They want to know the truth about the fate and whereabouts of their relatives:

  • If they are alive, they want their release.
  • If they are dead, they want their remains so that they may bury them in dignity and mourn over them.

Other country experiences prove to us that it is possible to address this issue

  • In Bosnia-Herzegovina, 13,809 bodies of persons accounted for as disappeared were returned to their families.
  • In Cyprus, 314 persons who disappeared during the conflict between 1963 and 1974, were identified through DNA identification process and returned to their families since 2007.

Action plan for Lebanon

Over the past few years, a number of ways to address the issue of the Missing and the Disappeared in ‎Lebanon have been developed and put forth: ‎

Conduct serious investigations to gather information about those who are believed to have been ‎handed over to Syria or Israel and take the necessary steps in view of securing the release of persons ‎who are alive and the return of remains of those who are deceased.‎


Create an exhaustive list of the disappeared and a national file of the families of the disappeared ‎(including a DNA database) in order to prepare the ground for undertaking the identification of ‎remains exhumed.


Locate sites of mass and individual graves across the Lebanese territory; ensure their protection until ‎they are opened, and exhume any remains found; carry out the identification of these remains in ‎order to return them to their families, for a dignified and rightful burial.‎

Create a National Institute to manage and implement this plan.‎