Who we are

ACT is a Lebanese Human Rights organization created in 2010 by a group of citizens, from all religious denominations and not affiliated to any political party. 

ACT's mission is to work towards clarifying the fate of the missing and disappeared persons through promoting the right to know and advocating for sustainable solutions.

Since 2014, ACT is a member of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.

What we stand for

  • The relatives of the missing and forcibly disappeared have the right to know the fate of their loved ones. They want to know if they are still alive and – if they have died, they want to recover their remains. ‎
  • We have to restore the victims' dignity and acknowledge the long lasting suffering of the families of the disappeared.
  • Addressing the issue of the missing and forcibly disappeared is a necessary step towards implementing a more general national reconciliation process.
  • The new generation has to know what happened to avoid this from happening again.

What we want

  • To clarify the fate of the thousands of forcibly disappeared and missing persons in Lebanon.
  • To contribute to a reunifying national reconciliation process, based on establishing facts and restoring the dignity of victims.

Obstacles we face

  • The belief that addressing the issue of the disappeared will revive tensions between communities prevents people from supporting the cause.
  • The vast majority of the relatives of missing and forcibly disappeared persons in Lebanon have lost faith and trust in their authorities to find a solution.
  • Because of a lack of information on the solutions, there is a general belief that “nothing can be done” about the issue. ‎
  • The young generation is not aware of the disastrous consequences of the war and is extremely vulnerable to political manipulation.‎

What we do

  • Engage the Lebanese society in supporting this cause.
  • Encourage relatives of the victims and friends to speak up.
  • Lobby the authorities to create a sustainable solution.
  • Increase the youth's understanding of the consequences of violence.