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"Behind the estimation of 17,000..." is a project aimed at creating an electronic database of the thousands of individuals who went missing in Lebanon from 1975 till 2005. This project seeks to:

- Serve as a truth-seeking initiative by documenting cases of disappearance and promoting the establishment of a national commission to investigate the fate of the disappeared;

- Offer an opportunity for the families to come to term with their grief by giving voice to their stories and providing them with a space to honor and commemorate their loved ones;

- Contribute to building a culture of democracy by collectively recognizing the tragedy of what has occurred and by ensuring that victims are entitled to redress and respect;

- Create an educational tool on past human rights violations and address the need to ensure that the future generations understand the implications  of political violence and can avoid repeating the same mistakes.


This electronic memorial is both a symbolic act against amnesia and impunity and a strong tool for change.

It consists of an interactive website where anyone can add the case of a missing person or update information on existing cases.

A page will be reserved for each missing individual and will display biographical information  as well as photos of the disappeared, testimonies of relatives, letters, messages, etc.

This project needs your participation.

Thousands of disappeared... Thousands of lives that deserve to be recognized and told.

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