Accompaniment of Families

Project Status: 

Since 2017, ACT has worked in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to provide the families with a support network and holistic wide-ranging assistance. The Accompaniment Project is a psychosocial project to support and empower the families of the missing in their effort to establish the fate of their loved ones. This Accompaniment Project includes home visits, information meetings and psycho-social group sessions as well as memorialisation activities such as the “Empty Chairs, Waiting Families” project where family members design and paint a chair in remembrance of the missing person. 

Check out the catalogue “Empty Chairs, Waiting Families” that displays the first chairs that were designed and painted by brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, wives, daughters, sons and even grandchildren of people who went missing in Lebanon during armed conflicts since 1975 .

ACT and the ICRC, in partnership with the Committee of the families, also support the creation and mobilisation of local committees to advocate locally for families’ right to know.