Give a voice

"They taught me not to believe. It's hard for me... sometimes I feel like an idiot because I never stop asking, asking, asking questions and nobody gives me the answer I want. If someone were to tell me they threw them out on the top of that mountain, I would find a way of getting right to the top"

Tell the stories of the disappeared

ACT is developing an interactive website that will serve as a virtual memorial for the missing and disappeared as well as a platform for the families and the population as a whole to remember these victims. The memorial will display the personal stories of the missing and disappeared with the participation of their families.

Inform and empower the families

ACT is organizing meetings in the several Lebanese regions to inform the families of the missing and disappeared about their rights, about potential solutions currently being discussed and developed in the Lebanese context. Based on this, ACT supports willing persons from amongst these families to become active participants in the public discussion about these solutions, to take part in advocacy efforts and voice their demands, all while creating a network of engaged families and supporters from across the country.

Register with the ICRC

The International Committee of the Red Cross calls on families of people who went missing during armed conflicts in Lebanon to contact its delegation in Beirut on the special line: +961 3186386 in order to register for an interview to collect information on their missing relatives as part of an ICRC project to collect ante-disappearance data.